Spark Health Research | The Joy of Natural Health, Backed by Hard Science
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The Joy of Natural Health
Backed By Hard Science

Helping people achieve the joy of healthy living through natural, proven solutions

SparkHealth Research combines the compassion of natural health with the reliability of hard science. Our natural supplements and information programs are designed by pharmacists, doctors, nutritionists, and health industry experts, and are all backed by clinical research.


Our supplements and information programs focus on natural treatments – the art and science of helping the body heal itself.


We show you how to care for your entire self, and help you work alongside your doctor to achieve the joy of natural health.


We spend 4x more than our competitors on quality control to ensure our supplements contain exactly what’s on the label.


Our supplements and information programs are designed by doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other health industry experts.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help 10 million people become their healthiest, and we’re already well on our way to spreading the joy of healthy living around the world. A portion of every sale goes to charity.

At SparkHealth Research, our mission is to help you experience the natural joy of healthy living
using the highest quality, best researched supplements and information programs.

Our Team of Industry Experts

We are a friendly local firm based in a quiet town in a lovely county. We offer a range of services for both businesses and individuals including

Dr. Ryan Shelton, M.D, N.D
Troy Adashun
CPT  & Nutrition Expert
Shannon Clark
CPT  & Nutrition Expert